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How to maintain your septic tank to extend its life? How often should you clean it? What to do when it doesn’t work? Put an end to all your Queries!


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Express Septic is a name synonymous with trust and dependability.

For years, property owners, householders, and tenants living in Oregon, have trusted the exemplary and timely services rendered by the experienced and certified professionals working at Express Septic.

Residents of the beautiful and culturally rich Northwest Pacific Coast have always found immense satisfaction in the techniques utilized by us, in getting rid of one of the most annoyingly unpleasant and yet, potentially hazardous problems that face thousands of homeowners every year. Their satisfaction and loyalty have been the backbone of our growth and the reason behind the resounding success of our venture.

Why You Must Not Ignore Your Septic Tank?

A Septic Tank is an integral part of any property or household. It is also the most forgotten part!

Septic Tanks are usually made of concrete or fiberglass and are often referred to as classic bio-digestors, i.e., the septic tanks encourage the growth of useful microorganisms, whose presence within the confines of the oxygen-deprived tank, enables the breaking down of the biodegradable material, in this case sewage and other wastes.

In septic tanks, anaerobic bacteria are counted on to break down human sewage wastes over a period of time, usually set at 21 days. A professionally installed and maintained septic tank will last for a considerable number of years.

However, it must be cleaned at regular intervals to ensure its smooth and unhindered functioning.

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Facing any of these Problems? It’s Time to Ring Us!

As a homeowner or tenant, have you ever come across any of the following situations?


  • The toilet begins to overflow after you flush, bringing up, horrifyingly, the remnants of human waste

  • The outlet pipes from the washing machine and dishwasher start getting clogged and there is an overflow at the point of the hookup.
  • A strong and stinky fecal  odor emanating from the septic tank itself or from the drains leading to it
  • Strange and baffling gurgling sounds originating from the drains
  • The shower and bathtub inexplicably getting filled up with murky, wastewater, that clearly resembles sewage
  • Effluents or runoffs from  the septic tanks start to surface on your land, leading to wet and slushy patches on the property, especially near the place where the septic tank is located
  •  Waste and effluents are visible in the Drain inspection chambers that are, under normal circumstances, supposed to be empty.
  •  A noticeable increase in the levels of microorganisms, and resulting toxicity, in nearby wells and streams, leading to full blown aftereffects of water pollution.

” If you notice any of the above, call us right away!

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What Makes Our Services Stand Out from the Rest?

When we are dealing with septic tanks, people seldom think about the importance of routine maintenance or the consequences of a clogged or overfilled cesspool!This lackadaisical attitude will be kept up, until the problem surfaces up and starts to stink! Make no mistake, a backed-up septic tank is no laughing matter, and must be viewed with a great deal of seriousness.

Every minute counts, as the more you delay, the worse you can expect the problem to become.  Moreover, the processes involved in cleaning/repairing the faulty septic tank will become much lengthier, and will weigh heavily in the final pricing of the services.

Beware! Potential Health Hazards Lurk Around Faulty And Unmaintained Septic Tanks!!

A simple and timely routine septic tank inspection can go a long way in preventing a multitude of problems (potential health hazards, lowering of property value, and lawsuits) and will definitely save the client, both his time as well as money.

Express Septic can be depended upon to solve any and every need related to septic tanks, be it installation, maintenance, repair or cleaning. Our services are being utilized by residential as well as commercial clients. We offer the best warranty in the industry and our assurances to the fulfillment of quality services are given to our clients in the form of written guarantees.

Range of Septic Tank Services Offered by Express Septic

A glance at the sheer number of services we provide to our customers will be enough to prove our expertise in this field and why we are able to edge out competitors.

We undertake:

  •  Septic Tank Installations- Inclusive Of Soil Test Reports And Projected Cost Estimations
  • Septic Tank Repairs And Maintenance,
  • Water/Sewer Line Repairs,
  •  Chemical Treatments,
  • Biological Septic and Drain System Treatments
  • Septic Tank Cleaning/ Pumping/ de-sludging ,
  • Backflow Elimination,
  • Hydro Cleaning, aka High-Pressure Jetting,
  • Backhoe Digger Usage,
  •  Inspection And Clog Locator Through Drain/Sewer Cameras
  • Drain/ Leach Fields Repairs And  Replacement
  • Dry Well Design And Installation,
  • Certified Inspection Teams for both, residential as well as commercial, property / buildings, etc.

Our services are rendered by hard working and dedicated experts whose professionalism in this field can be vouched for by the thousands of satisfied customers with whom Express Septic has had the pleasure to work with. Our staff possesses the necessary certifications, licenses, and insurance, thereby safeguarding our clients from all unnecessary worry.

They are trained to ensure the processes they undertake do not adversely affect the residents of the property. Moreover, we strive to instill an air of friendliness, as our clients are put at ease by our approachable and helpful attitude.

We are committed to ensuring that environmentally friendly practices are observed, and we follow strict codes and norms in this regard.