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Express Septic & Environmental Services plays a prominent role in the plumbing and drainage system of your Medford, Oregon home. If you experience septic tank overflowing call Express Septic services. We have been operating in Medford region for well over 30 years and have the locality knowhow and good relationship with allied service providers to ensure a trouble-free septic tank cleaning experience.

What is the Role of a Septic Tank?

Septic tank is a primary plumbing system designed of concrete, fiberglass or plastic and is concealed underground in the exteriors of your house. It holds the waste eliminated through your drainage lines. Day to day activities like cooking, washing, cleaning, bath, and toilet usage all creates waste water that turns into sewage.

The sewage is collected in the septic tank after filtering process where solid and liquid wastes are separated. The liquid is sent to the field where it is treated for reuse. The solid is left to decompose, but the process takes a long time and before you could realize the tank gets filled. This leads to drainage blocks and backups. The situation has to be treated immediately before the house starts to stink of sewer.

Significance of septic tank cleaning in Medford, Oregon

Why is it essential for your Septic Tanks to Work Without Any Hiccups?

The sewer waste collected in your septic tank on your Medford, Oregon property has to be disposed immediately. The septic tanks work round the clock, helping you relax inside the house. Yet it is the most undervalued utility on your property. Proper care and maintenance of the septic tank is crucial for keeping you’re the plumbing and drainage system working fine in your house.

A septic tank can last for almost 30 years depending on how well it is maintained. Your house depends on the septic tank system to dispose the wastewater and solid waste. Only a reliable and experienced septic tank service provider can ensure smooth function of the septic tank.

Moreover, it is the responsibility of the house owners to regularly clean the septic tank regularly to prevent groundwater pollution. Remember that contamination of the groundwater could lead to pollution in the local ponds, streams, lakes in Medford, Oregon region leading to health hazards in the neighborhood. Inadequately treated septic tanks could be a threat to the community.

The virus and bacteria in the contaminated water sources can lead to waterborne diseases. The nitrates and phosphates in the wastewater when mixed with the groundwater can lead to loss of aquatic life. This is not all it also results in soggy yards and unpleasant odor.

Septic tank maintenance benefits

  • Regular maintenance of septic tank can save on extensive repair and replacement expenses in the future. Detecting an early failure of septic tank system can save on installing a new septic tank.
  • Health of your family and the community by large can be safeguarded by cleaning the septic tank regularly. The environmental hazards promoted by inadequately cleaned septic tank hold wastewater can be prevented by regular septic tank treatment. Improperly disposed chemicals in the water can lead to pollution of local water source if not treated properly by the septic tank.
  • The economic health of the community by large is maintained. Property values can see a decline if the septic tanks are not properly maintained. A failing septic tank is a stigma in the real estate markets as it a source of pollution to the environment.

Why Must You Choose Express Septic for the Maintenance of Your Septic Tanks?

We conduct annual inspection of your septic tanks and ensure the proper functioning of the system. We also determine when the septic tank needs pumping. We inspect the systems with moving parts for the smooth functioning of the system as a whole. By doing this septic tank failure can be detected early. As professional contractors, we at Express Septic check the complete system for any flaws like cracked pipes, condition of the baffles and other parts.

How do we maintain your septic tanks?

Our inspection steps involve

✔️  Identifying the system

If the system is buried underground, locating it could be an ordeal. But our experienced professionals go directly to the basement to locate the sewer pipe exit and in the backyard our inspector will conduct an insulated probe into the soil. After this we sketch a map with the components to make future visits easier.

✔️  Accessing the manhole and inspect the ports

If it is a buried system, we create an elevated access for easy access of manholes and ports.

✔️  Verify the connections

Flushing the toilet, rinsing down the sink or running the laundry machine can give an idea whether the plumbing system is working properly.

✔️  Measure the sludge layers and scum

Using specialized tools the inspector will measure the sludge levels. A visual inspection is the best way to evaluate the contents. If the sludge is a third of the liquid then pumping is required.

✔️  Tank and drainfield inspection

The condition of the tank walls, tees, baffles and drain field are checked for any signs of failure. The distribution box, pump or drop box is also check if any.

Areas that we service near Medford:

  • Jacksonville, Oregon
  • Crater Lake, Oregon
  • Phoenix, Oregon
  • Central Point, Oregon
  • Ashland, Oregon
  • Applegate, Oregon
  • Grants Pass, Oregon
  • Eagle Point, Oregon
  • Klamath Falls, Oregon
  • Roseburg, Oregon

Services offered include:

  • Septic tank installations
  • Chemical treatments
  • Drain fields repaired and replaced
  • Backflow prevention
  • Dry wells
  • Line repairs
  • High-pressure jetting
  • Soil-testing reports available
  • Video camera inspection and locator
  • Water & Sewer Lines Maintenance and Cleaning

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If you experience any problem with your septic tank, feel free to call us at (844) 899-7867 if you have an emergency. We offer a quick free quote. Enjoy our special offer of $25 discount for septic tank pumping.

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What makes us special in the field is our warranty. The confidence in our work encourages us to offer written guarantees to our clients. Our experience in residential, commercial and industrial segments has given us a wide exposure in the field. We are specialists in offering BioMAX Biological Septic and Drain System Treatments. It is a monthly treatment for the smooth running of your septic tanks.

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