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When you hire Express Septic for maintenance, cleaning or repair project, our personnel will keep you in the loop so you will never feel as if you are charged for an unwanted process.  Rest assured that you will be informed on each step and process without technical jargon.  Express Septic and its employees want make sure we are on same page as our clients.

Not only does this make it fix any problems you may have, but it will also ensure that the task has been performed to your satisfaction.  You can rest assured that when you hire us that we take the trust you place in us seriously. We are willing to educate our clients on how their septic system functions and how to keep it working properly.

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Express Septic provides consultation, maintenance and installation services in Portland, Oregon. Our inspection and maintenance services range from a cursory look to check if things are working as they should be to a very thorough inspection. We also give on the spot inspections before cleaning your septic tank and suggest solutions for the problem so that you can decide on the course of action that will best suit your immediate needs.

We also have a great post-service follow-up in case you experience any problems after the service. Express Septic strives to provide our services on the same day of booking in most cases.

Take A Look At The Services Express Septic Has To Offer

Septic Tank Inspection

septic-tank-inspectionsThe inspector will first perform a visual check of the septic tank itself and then the area surrounding it. If there are any abnormal land subsidiaries near the septic tank, this could indicate a leak in the septic tank system and will need further inspection.  There can also be damages to the septic tank if there has been any construction work near it.

The inspector will also inspect the cover of the septic tank to make sure it is airtight. The anaerobic bacteria used to break down the sewage in the septic tank need airtight conditions to perform at optimal levels. Any cracks in the cover can also leak poisonous gases like methane that are fatal to humans.

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Once the visual inspection has been completed, the septic tank itself is uncovered. If the tank is underground, detection devices are used to find it. A perimeter is set up and it is unwise to go near it without a proper breathing apparay work in pairs to avoid certain dangers such as being overcome by the fumes and have the proper equipment to safely approach an open septic tank.

Measuring tools are used to indirectly measure the sludge build up, the liquid and solid levels, checking the outflowing effluent in the drain field for cross contamination and damages to the septic tank’s wall including leakages and abnormalities of the tank’s baffles. If there are no problems in the septic tank, then it is closed and sealed again. If there are any abnormalities, the area is rope off for further inspection and damage control.

Septic Tank Pumping

septic-tank-pumpingSeptic tank pumping is also known as septic tank cleaning or septic tank draining. The septic tank acts as an intermediary filtration system between your house and the main sewage line. It allows solids to settle while the anaerobic condition of the tank allows bacteria to degrade the liquid waste into grey and black water, which is then fed into the sewage as effluent from the drainfield.

Know the Basics

Since there is a gradual build of septage or solid waste sludge at the bottom of the septic tank. This is not degradable by the bacteria and must be dug out and ethically treated externally. If the sludge is not removed, it can contaminate the semi-cleaned effluent and can clog the tank. It can also prevent proper treatment of new waste, leading to further accumulation.

The tank is pumped using a powerful suction pump to remove the sludge. If the technician observes the septic effluent from the outlet pipe flowing back into the septic tank, this is an indication that the soil absorption system or the drain field was waterlogged due to an accumulation of sludge. It could also point to another system failure and will need further investigation. By clearing all the sludge from the septic tank, it is easy to determine the actual condition of the tank. For new homeowners, it also helps determine the tank capacity and hence, the frequency of cleaning it will require.

How often Must I do Septic Tank Pumping?
It’s common knowledge that the major cause of septic tank failure is due to neglecting to pump in on a regular basis. But, what is regular basis? The EPA recommends regular pumping every 3 to 5 years.

But, the right answer is highly variable and depends on several factors like:

  • The size and frequency of usage
  • The solids added into the tank
  • The usage of a garbage disposal mechanism

Septic Tank Repairs

septic-tank-repairsExpress Septic recommends having your septic tank inspected on an annual basis to make sure everything is up to par. Perhaps you forgot to clean your septic tank for a couple of years and now it’s acting up. Even with regular inspections, something can go inexplicably wrong. You know something is wrong with your septic tank when sewage begins to back up in the toilets or unexplainable odors are eminent in the yard as well as in the house.

Depending on the cause of the problem, you could be set back by a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. There is also the decision of whether equipment should be repaired or replaced. Some problems are typically easy to fix; it is those not visible to the eye that slowly fester into bigger problems.

In one of the most common scenarios, a cracked pipe can cause the sewage stench to rise up through the drain field and this is easily rectified by replacing the cracked pipe. If you see standing water, or feel like a certain patch of the garden is not draining water like it usually does, the problem could be worse; the septic tank itself could have cracked and is leaking effluent. It is advisable to rope off the area and call the experts.

For customers who have an additional aerobic treatment unit that helps break down waste faster by providing external aeration, the most common problem is a sudden drop in the bacteria count. If you were away for an extended period, the bacterial population may need a couple of weeks to replenish. It is advisable to keep a check on your inbound waste to let the system to rebound to its original population strength.

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Septic Tank Installation

septic-tank-installsExpress Septic has a wide range of septic tank systems ready for installation. We will help you decide on the best septic tank system to fit your needs, location and budget. Depending on whether the system is used for commercial, industrial or homes, the type of septic system varies in capacity, material used and whether it requires any additional attachments like an aerobic treatment unit to help process bigger amounts of waste.

The septic system also depends on the type of soil in your locality as the soil is used as part of the drainfield to disperse the treated effluent.

There are also single and multiple compartment septic systems with the more complex systems processing different wastes in different sections, even making the resulting grey water safe enough to use in the garden or waste flushing systems.  Other advanced septic system designs include chemical, composting, evaporation-transpiration (ET) septic systems, sand bed filters, peat beds, raised bed septics, pressure dosing septic systems, sand bed filters, constructed wetlands, septic disinfection systems and wastewater lagoons among many more.

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